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The cougar (Puma concolor), also known as the puma or mountain lion, is a New World mammal of the Felidae family. This large, solitary cat has a vast range, extending from Yukon in Canada to the southern Andes of South America. An adaptable generalist species, the cougar is found in every major New World habitat type. Due to overhunting and continual human development of cougar habitat, populations have dropped in many parts of its historical range, although recent conservation efforts have allowed numbers to improve in some areas.

There is a considerable variation in color and size of cougars across the large range of habitats. It is on average the second heaviest cat in the Americas, after the jaguar, and the fourth heaviest in the world, after the tiger, lion, and jaguar; the cougar is larger on average than the leopard, but is not typically counted among the "big cats" as it cannot roar and is classified in the Puma genus rather than Panthera.